Famous universities to study medicine in Turkey - Advantages and fees

Famous universities to study medicine in Turkey - Advantages and fees

Famous universities to study medicine in Turkey - Advantages and fees

Many excellent students have a dream to study medicine in Turkey. In this article, you will learn about medical specialties, the best medical universities in Turkey, the conditions to study in medical colleges, and the medicine scholarships in Turkey.



Study of medicine in Turkey

The study of medicine in Turkey is a dream for many students these days.

Studying medicine in Turkey provides enormous scientific potential, such as the most advanced technological tools and methodologies in education, following Turkey's recent qualitative leap in different medical sectors.

The rates of admission to medical studies at Turkish universities have increased as a result of the considerable demand from both Turkish and foreign students to apply for medical studies at Turkish universities.

Medical specialties in Turkey

The Higher Education Foundation works to care for medical colleges in Turkey and to implement all necessary teaching techniques, as well as to monitor the work of its medical colleges in various public and private universities, to keep up with recent developments and discoveries, and to encourage participation in international medical research and conferences.

As a result, medical specializations are numerous, and include the following:

Human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, dental laboratories, and anesthesia.

Specialization of human medicine in Turkey

Human medicine is one of the most essential disciplines that a student may learn in his or her life in Turkey. In this college, students learn fundamental medical disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology. The student next continues into the field of human medicine to study the sciences of surgery in preparation for practical lessons, which are taught through practical and training practices in the profession.

Number of years of medical studies in Turkey

For all of your questions related to How many years of studying medicine in Turkey?

We state that all students should study 6 years in medical specialties, with these six years divided into two parts: 4 years of lectures and theoretical lessons, equivalent to obtaining a bachelor's degree in college, and the last two years serving as practical lessons in which you receive practical education in the Faculty of Medicine. Once a student completes these six years, he will be able to acquire a medical degree from Turkish universities.

Conditions for studying medicine in Turkey

In terms of the conditions necessary for student admission, the Faculty of Medicine in Turkey is one of the highest Turkish colleges among universities. When compared to other colleges in other departments, the admission rates accepted are high, whether for Turkish or foreign students.

Some Turkish institutions require students to register in medical school to take the YOS or SAT and obtain a high score, and the student's language exam result is also considered.

Number of years of specialization after graduation

After spending six years as a student in the Faculty of Medicine and graduating as a doctor, you must specialize in one of the areas of medicine, such as cellular science, physiology, or another specialty.

The specialization phase lasts between 4 and 7 years, and during that time the doctor studies everything required for his expertise at a variety of hospitals.

Studying medicine in Turkey

Dental study in Turkey

Dentistry is one of Turkey's most serious medical branches. It focuses on the research and treatment of the mouth, teeth, gums, and jaws. Dentistry is one of the most popular medical specializations in Turkey, with considerable growth in student enrollment. That is why the number of dental colleges grows every year.

How many years of dental study in Turkey

The student should study for 5 years in dentistry colleges in Turkey. In the first and second years, students study basic sciences including biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, as well as basic medical sciences like anatomy and physiology.

Students begin getting dental materials in the third year, which rely mostly on these basic sciences, such as reconstructive dental treatment, compensating dental treatment, health sciences and computer applications, and radiation medicine for the mouth and teeth.

After that, the student progresses to the practical stage in the last years of his or her studies at the college of dentistry. He works in clinics and labs that the institution provides to students to prepare them for professional life.

studying dentistry in Turkey

What are the medical institutes in Turkey?

The specialization of medical labs, which is part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, is one of the most prominent medical institutes in Turkey. This specialty relies on laboratory analysis, biotechnology, and scientific research to use theoretical knowledge to examine various body samples to diagnose or prevent chronic illnesses.

Medical laboratories are a medical study program, in which the student takes three years to graduate as a laboratory specialist, and works in medical laboratories.

What is anesthesia?

Anesthesia is a medical therapy that relieves discomfort in patients during operations such as surgery, some screening, and diagnostic procedures, tissue sample removals, and dental treatments. It enables patients to receive operations that help them to live better and longer lives.

How many years have you been studying anesthesia?

To graduate from one of Turkey's anesthesia institutions, a student must study anesthesia for 2 years. Students learn about the physiology of the human body, anatomy, the principles of chemistry, and physics.

Students are also taught about diseases, infectious disease sciences, pharmacy, and other fundamental medical disciplines. Furthermore, students are taught lessons on the fundamentals of anesthesia, equipment use, medication management, and so on. However, at the end of each academic year, the student goes through a practical training phase.

the number of years to study medicine in Turkey

Turkey's most famous medical universities

In our article, we will present you with some of turkey's most important public and private universities, which have faculties to study medicine:

University name

Ataturk University Faculty of Medicine

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine

Gaziantep University Faculty of Medicine

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine

Inonu University Faculty of Medicine

Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine

Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

Marmara University Faculty of Medicine

Mugla Sıtkı Koçman University Faculty of Medicine

19 Mayis University Faculty of Medicine

Yildirim Beyazit University Faculty of Medicine

Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine

Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University Faculty of Medicine

Altinbas University Faculty of Medicine

Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Medicine

Başkent University Faculty of Medicine

Medipol University Faculty of Medicine

Okan University Faculty of Medicine

İstinye University Faculty of Medicine

Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Medicine

Koç University Faculty of Medicine

Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine

TOBB University of Economics and Technology Faculty of Medicine

Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine


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