Ph.D. Study in Turkey - Your Comprehensive Guide

Ph.D. Study in Turkey - Your Comprehensive Guide

Ph.D. Study in Turkey - Your Comprehensive Guide

All you need to know about doctoral studies in Turkey. Learn about the Ph.D. system in Turkey, the advantages of doctoral studying, costs and conditions. How to apply for Ph.D., and more.

Information about studying a Ph.D. in Turkey

Turkey continues to attract different students to study in its educational institutions, not only at undergraduate levels but also in postgraduate studies, masters, and Ph.D.

The student who has completed his master's degree can pursue the highest level of doctoral achievement.

Duration of doctoral studies in Turkey

Advantages of studying a Ph.D. in Turkey

The first advantage of doctoral studies in Turkey is low fees compared to many countries in the world.

In addition, doctoral studies in Turkey have diversity in specialties, and the living costs associated with the study are low.

Study in Turkish, English, and Arabic is also available at some universities. The Ph.D. study in Turkey offers significant future opportunities at work, with the possibility of equivalent certificates before the beginning of the study if they are from outside Turkey (issued by Turkey does not need to be equalized).

There is also a consideration for employees, thus, most lessons are in the evening.

Ph.D. system in Turkey

Turkey's doctoral system is based on studying university courses, unlike some Arab universities that do not require a year to study university courses. In some specialties, You are allowed to study Ph.D. right away after getting your bachelor's degree, and in this case, you will have to study for ten semesters. If you have already a master's degree, you are required to study only eight semesters. In both cases, after passing the university courses successfully, you have to pass an efficiency exam before starting to prepare the Ph.D. thesis.

Ph.D. requirements in Turkey

A doctoral study in Turkey does not require more than a master’s degree certificate with the transcript. The same is required if you have a bachelor’s degree. Also, you need to have personal photos, a minimum of two letters of recommendation from scholars, and a copy of the passport and residence permit. Some universities require an interview or an Aptitude test.

Ph.D. enrollment fees in Turkey

Turkey is one of the low-cost countries for study in general, and doctoral studies in particular, and the cost is determined by the specialization and the university, but the cost includes the four years and is estimated between five thousand dollars to twelve thousand US dollars, and universities allow the possibility of paying the costs in installments.

Applying for a Ph.D. in Turkey

Each university announces through its official website the dates for registration, so, the student can apply to any of the doctoral programs in Turkish universities. After applying and fulfilling the documentation requirements, the results will be announced and the registration procedures will begin.

costs of doctoral study in Turkey

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