Obtaining student accommodation in Turkey

Obtaining student accommodation in Turkey

Obtaining student accommodation in Turkey

Obtaining student accommodation in Turkey

After arriving in Turkey, the student must begin the process of acquiring accommodation 90 days before the date of arrival, or during the validity of his visa if it is shorter than 90 days to have a legal residence in Turkish territory.



Documents required to obtain a student accommodation

  • The student document, or Öğrenci belgesi. It is given by the university to the student accepted in its specialties and programs.
  • 4 Photo ID.
  • The original passport copy and one photocopy, visa (if any), and the arrival stamp.
  • A residence permit. You can obtain this document from the Muhtarlik in your street, which proves that you (the student) live in a specific house. If you are in a student’s residence, you can get the document from the housing administration.
  • A tax number issued by the tax service.
  • A health insurance contract (valid for 1-2 years).
  • Interview/ appointment paper from the Immigration institute (Göç İdaresi Başkanlığı) after reservation from their website.
  • The residence fee record and visa change allowance (for some nationalities). Usually, the fees are between $50 to $150 on average.

How to apply for student accommodation

A reservation must be booked from the Immigration institute (Göç İdaresi Başkanlığı) before starting the procedures. You can get the reservation/ interview online from the Immigration institute website. Usually, your interview will be within a month (It could be less or more, depending on the immigration services updates).

On the exact day and hour scheduled, the student should go to the Immigration institute and handle his documents.

Student residence advantages

  • Leave and arrive in Turkey (during the residence period) without needing a visa.
  • Obtaining a bank account in any Turkish bank.
  • Easy and legal official transactions and procedures in governmental administrations.