SAT Test: Student Proficiency Exam for University Admission

SAT Test: Student Proficiency Exam for University Admission

SAT Test: Student Proficiency Exam for University Admission

The SAT test helps students enter Turkish universities, and its purpose is to determine the student's ability to apply the information he has in solving the problems presented to him in this test.

Sat test or as it is known as Sat Turkish is an abbreviation for "Scholastic Assessment Test"

In Arabic, it means a school evaluation test, or we say: the student competence exam for admission to universities and higher education institutions in the United States of America, which determines the readiness of high school students to attenduniversity.

There is no doubt that the SAT test is one of the most important exams that a student may pass throughout his academic career, so that it is the first step to enter american universities, or continue studying abroad.



What is the SAT test?

The SAT test helps students enter distinguished Turkish universities when they wish to enroll in bachelor's and postgraduate studies, or complete their studies at Turkish universities, and this test is intendedto determine the student's ability to apply the information he has in solving the problems presented to him in thistest.

The test is supervised by college board educational institution, a non-profit organization based in the United States of America, spread through most countries of theworld.

The SAT test is divided into two parts: SAT1, SAT2.

Sat 1 is required in Turkish universities,and we will talk about it indetail, while sat 2 is an advanced test required for certain disciplines, and is not required by any Turkish university.

SAT test

SAT1 Test

SAT1 consists of 3 main main sections, and a fourth section optionally:


The reading section contains a literary text, based mainly on reading, where the student must read long texts, absorb them and answer questions related to them, the number of questions in this section of the exam is 52 questions, on the method of automation (multiple choice), and the time allocated to it is 65minutes.

Writing and languagesection

The writing and language section contains a specific schedule or drawings, and the test aims at the student's ability to use the information in a particular text to infer certain results, express different ideas in addition to his skills in using English through writing, in addition to measuring his knowledge of the meanings and terminology found in a particularcontext.

The questions are 44 questions, on the automation method (multiple choice), and the duration is 35minutes.

Mathematics Department

The mathematics department contains computational issues, relating to algebra, engineering and statistics, as well as data analysis and trigonometry, and is also likely to present some charts, with a set of questions onthem.

The purpose of this section of the test is to know the student's ability, to explore his or her algebra skills, and to be able to solve sports problems and analyze the data provided tohim.

In addition, it is a preliminary test for the study of advanced mathematics, and other more complex subjects in mathematics, which in turn is divided into two parts aswell:

  • The mathematics exam in which the calculator is allowed, where the number of questions is 38 questions, spread over 38 minutes, and the student answers by expressing his own opinion on a particular mathematical issue, and the type of questions is the pattern of Creed Inz, a type of question that simulates the student's experience in the mathematicstest.
  • A math exam in which the use of a calculator is not permitted, with 58 questions in this section, and an 80-minute multi-choiceformat.

Article section

It is an optional section that contains one question, in which the student must write a literary article within a period of 50 minutes, in which he analyzes the way a particular text is written, and discuss how to highlight the author's argument in this text, based on a topic presented by the examadministration.

SAT exam

This is a table in which we show the number of questions with their duration in each section of the SAT test:


Number of questions





Writing and language



Mathematics using calculator



Mathematics without the use of a calculator






How do we get to the sat exam?

There are many websites and platforms on the internet, providing a large number of course materials, references that may greatly help prepare for the SAT exam, including a lessons platform that allows students to benefit from a significant number of preparatory exams, including the Ready4 SAT Reddy forSatapplication.

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Turkish universities that apply for sat testing as a condition for universityadmission:

University name

Arabic language

Turkish language

Uttadogo Technical University

Eastern Technical University Middle

Bogaz Ige University

Bosphorus University

Marmara University

Marmara University

Istanbul University

Istanbul University

Haget Tabeh University

Hacettepe University

Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University

Ghazi University

Gazi University

Yildiz Technical University

Yildiz Technical University

Koj University

Koç University

Bahja Shahir University

Bahçeşehir University

Sabingi University

Sabanci University

Olodag University

Uludag University

To register for the SAT test, please visit the followinglink: registration link

Sat test date

This test is prepared by College Board worldwide, where 3 sat exams are announced in the year.

It is recommended to follow the organization's internet address frequently in order to obtain information about the exam, and applications for registration on the exam begin one month before the date of the exam, a schedule in which we present the exam dates with the dates of applicationNote: the information will be updated as soon as possible