The most famous universities to study petroleum engineering in Turkey and its advantages and costs

The most famous universities to study petroleum engineering in Turkey and its advantages and costs

The most famous universities to study petroleum engineering in Turkey and its advantages and costs

Petroleum engineering in Turkey is one of the most important engineering specialties to learn research methods and extract oil and natural gas. Learn about the most important universities in Turkey for this specialization.



Advantages of studying Petroleum engineering in Turkey

Petroleum engineering in Turkey or oil engineering is one of the important disciplines that specialize in studying the ways of searching for petroleum sources, and ways of producing it, while researching and studying the best ways to explore the sources of oil buried.

This discipline has gained a high reputation among its peers from scientific disciplines for its attachment to the wealth of the earth, which has given the world a revolution of modernity and development during the last two centuries.

In proportion to Turkey's keen interest in the progress of modernity in all fields, it has given this competence more attention and care, and several universities have excelled in teaching this discipline with moral excellence.

How many years should I study to accomplish petroleum engineering in Turkey?

In Turkey, studying petroleum and natural gas engineering specialty takes four years. If the student did not acquire a (Turkish) language certificate while studying this major, the period will be extended to another year which is known as a “language preparatory year”.

Also, Petroleum engineering subjects in Turkey include:

Introduction to oil and natural gas engineering, earth science and geology properties, drilling technology, mechanics fundamentals, petroleum chemistry, production engineering, risk and safety conditions, oil-enhancing extraction, and natural gas processing.

Study of Petroleum Engineering in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying petroleum engineering in Turkey?

Admission to Public Turkish Universities depends on passing the “Turkish Yös” test, or the “American SAT” test, in addition to providing a high school transcript with a minimum of grades that varies from one university to another. They also require language proficiency proof or applying in a language preparatory year. 

In private universities in Turkey, the conditions for studying Petroleum engineering are providing a high school diploma with a minimum grade average of 50% and a language proficiency proof (if any).

Which universities study petroleum engineering in Turkey?

Many universities provide Petroleum engineering programs in Turkey, including:








Many of these universities allow their students to study their programs in English, which allows more international students to pursue this specialization.

Master of Petroleum Engineering in Turkey

Postgraduate programs focus on research and development studies by training qualified research engineers and academics to contribute to technological studies in cooperation with local and foreign Petroleum engineering-related institutions and universities.

Postgraduate students study various specialized subjects in Petroleum engineering under the instruction of specialists with high-level competencies who provide academic programs that focus on modern teaching methods.

Among the universities that provide a Master's degree in Petroleum engineering: Iskenderun University.

Universities of Petroleum Engineering in Turkey

Fees of studying petroleum engineering in Turkey

The costs of studying Petroleum engineering in Turkey are classified as average costs compared to other countries. Also, there are large discounts for those who register through the “AL DIRASSA platform”.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information about the study fees of Petroleum engineering specialization.

The future of petroleum engineering

Petroleum engineering will be necessary for decades to come to provide the world with the energy it requires while also helping in reducing the effects of climate change. It will evolve into an energy transition, as it has been since the dawn of human civilization.

The most amazing part of studying in the field is that students get hired by various petroleum companies before they even finish their education. This demonstrates the rising need for expert engineers in the industry. In all other circumstances, engineers find work after finishing their education, which is quite straightforward in the competitive world of petroleum engineers.


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