Health Management Study in Turkey 2024

Health Management Study in Turkey 2024

Health Management Study in Turkey 2024

In this article, you will learn about the most important information related to the study of Health Management in Turkey and its costs, areas of work, and the most important Turkish and universities to study health management.



Advantages of studying health management in Turkey?

Turkish universities pay close attention to the specialization of health management, due to turkey's great openness and pioneering experience in the health system in hospitals and health centers, and the main task of the health management program in Turkish universities focuses on providing a specialized workforce that meets the increasing demands for the management of health institutions and related to the medical process in general, as well as Turkish programs are characterized by their focus on teaching the basics, applications and economic principles of management to suit administrative frameworks with analytical thought and collective action.

How many years should I study to accomplish a Health Management major in Turkey?

In Turkey, studying Health Management takes 4 years. If the student did not acquire a (Turkish) language certificate while studying this major, the period will be extended to another year which is known as a “language preparatory year”.

What are the conditions for studying Health Management in Turkey?

Admission to Public Turkish Universities in Health Management depends on passing the “Turkish Yös” test, or the “American SAT” test, in addition to providing a high school transcript with a minimum of grades that vary depending on the conditions in each university. They also require language proficiency proof or applying in a language preparatory year.

When choosing English as a language of study, it is required to have a Tofel certificate. If you choose to study in Turkish, you must provide a Tömer certificate.

In private universities in Turkey, the conditions for studying Health Management are providing a high school diploma with a specified grade average and a language proficiency proof.

Study of the Health Management in Turkey

What is the required grade to study Health Management In Turkey?

Some universities require having a certain grade average. However, universities require a higher average when applying for scholarships, while private universities DO NOT require high grades in the high school transcript.

Is it difficult to study health management in Turkey?

Studying health management in Turkey is not difficult for people who have the passion and patience to succeed.  

The study of health management requires that the student have time management, good memory, and long-time focus. 

Studying Health Management in Turkey in English

The specialization of health management in Turkey is usually provided in Turkish, with only a few exceptions offering a major in English. The only University that provides this specialty in English is the Near East University, which is located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

What are the universities that provide Health Management programs in Turkey?

Most universities provide the specialization of health management in Turkish, including Ankara University, Yildirim Beyazit University, Eurasia University, Bahcesehir University, Baskent University, Biruni University, Eastern Mediterranean University, Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul Bilim University, Istanbul Gelisim University, Istanbul Medipol University, Okan University, IZU, Istanbul University, Yeni Yuzyil University, Marmara University, Mersin University, Najmuddin Erbakan University, University of Health Sciences, Selcuk University, Ghazi Osman Pasa University, and Uskudar University.

What are the best universities to study Health Management in Turkey?

According to job market assessments and surveys, the following universities are the best: Okan University, Istanbul Aydin University, Uskudar University, Baskent University, Gelisim University, Medipol University, Yeditepe University, Kultur University, Maltepe University, Beykent University, Bilgi University, Beykoz University, Isik University, Nisantasi University, Altinbas University, and Bahcesehir University.

fees of studying the Health Management in Turkey

Fees of studying Health Management in Turkey

The costs of studying health management in Turkey are classified as average costs compared to other countries. They are usually between $3000 and $5,000 in private universities, and if you have a scholarship, it will be lower. There are large discounts for those who register through the “AL DIRASSA platform”.

Master and Ph.D. Health Management in Turkey

M.A. Health management is a crucial skill in the labor market. It is required by medical facilities such as hospitals, health organizations, and nursing homes.

M.A. programs involve courses in fields that combine health and management, such as health care economics, health policy, organizational behavior, health care management, human resources management, information systems management, statistical analysis, and so on.

Postgraduate students study a variety of subjects, including health regulation, community health assessment, health care training, and health service regulation. In management, health insurance, social security, public relations in health institutions, and health professions ethics are all included.

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