Aldirasa platform services for foreign students in Turkey

Aldirasa platform services for foreign students in Turkey

Aldirasa platform services for foreign students in Turkey

Through this article, you can learn about the study services in Turkey provided by the Aldirasa platform, such as registration in Turkish universities, follow-up student registration, and others. Check the details.

Learn through this article on the Aldirasa platform about all the services we provide to students who wish to pursue educational attainment in Turkish universities and all the related details.


Aldirasa platform services for those wishing to study in Turkey

Follow with us the services provided by the Aldirasa platform for students in Turkey:

Facilitating students' travel to Turkey

The Aldirasa platform facilitates the travel of foreign students at various educational levels (bachelor's and postgraduate studies) to Turkey, by securing a study seat for them in a Turkish university. Once the university acceptance letter is presented at the Turkish embassy in the country in which they reside, students can apply In order to obtain the student visa that allows them to travel to Turkey.

Airport pick-up

Services on the Aldirasa platform are not limited to securing university admissions only, but services continue to be provided by receiving students at the airport, where students are contacted to obtain travel information and the date of arrival of the plane, and then they are escorted to the residence or residence they desire.

Translation and equivalence of study certificates

Students graduating from universities outside Turkey can communicate with the study platform, which provides services for amending university degrees, and takes all measures to ensure obtaining an equivalency certificate in the fastest possible way.

In this aspect, the study platform works on an accurate translation of all supporting documents and academic certificates, in order to avoid making mistakes when applying for university degree equivalency.

Securing distinguished student housing close to universities

University housing is one of the things that most concern students these days, but by communicating with the Aldirasa platform team and getting to know the services they provide, you will get rid of everything that occupies your mind and causes you anxiety.

In this context, the Aldirasa platform provides services for securing the best university housing suitable for students, in areas close to the places of study, providing complete comfort and complete privacy, close to all service centers, and equipped with all social and recreational facilities.

Enroll in the best Turkish universities

The Aldirasa platform specialized in securing university admissions guarantees students the pursuit of educational attainment in the best Turkish universities and provides educational advice and the necessary advice on choosing the disciplines to be studied in the various educational stages (bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees), taking into account the student's desire to study.

The Aldirasa platform also provides you with a general overview of private and public universities, through which you can learn about registration conditions, required papers, study fees, available majors, and all other details related to registration.

It should be noted that the Aldirasa platform signed cooperation protocols with many universities in Turkey, and obtained an official agency from these universities in order to attract foreigners to study in Turkey in various disciplines and colleges.

Aldirasa services in Turkey

Accompanying the student to the university and confirming the university enrollment

The advisory team on the Aldirasa platform keeps in constant contact with foreign students wishing to study in Turkish universities, provides free consultations that they may need, answers all inquiries related to educational attainment, and accompanies them step by step to the registration offices in Turkish universities in all stages of university registration, whether in initial registration and submission of papers online or accompanying the student to the relevant colleges, in order to confirm registration and obtain a student document.

Obtaining a student residence permit in Turkey

After the student obtains the university seat in the college in which he wishes to study, he must go to the Immigration Department, in order to obtain the student residence permit, which allows him to reside legally in the state in which he studies, and guarantees him the enjoyment of some of the benefits offered there.

Therefore, questions abound among students about how to obtain a student residency, its conditions, the documents required for it, and the advantages that students can benefit from, and based on the comprehensive services that we provide on the Aldirasa platform, the professional team who work for us answer all questions that are related to students’ minds about residency student, and shows you the papers required to obtain this residency, and informs you of the benefits that you will receive after issuing it.

In addition, the Aldirasa platform appoints a team of its cadres to assist students in obtaining student residency, as it ensures obtaining an appointment from the Directorate of Immigration through the electronic system, and then goes on the specified date in order to submit papers and obtain student residency.

Other educational services

The Aldirasa platform provides all educational services for foreign students and goes hand in hand with students in Turkey, as we seek from the beginning to facilitate the student’s arrival to Turkey, and provide him with the ideal atmosphere that removes the anxiety of alienation and distance from his family, especially with the similarity of customs and traditions in Turkey with the Arab environment.

We also provide on the Aldirasa platform all services related to registration in international schools, and we inform them of the dates for applying for Turkish scholarships with the possibility of benefiting from them, and the necessary expertise can be provided in writing a resume and motivation certificate, and securing all the necessary courses for teaching foreign languages.

The Aldirasa platform is a registered and legal company with long experience

The Aldirasa platform is one of the companies affiliated with the Imtilak Group, which specializes in providing student services in Turkey. It operates under an official license from the relevant government institutions. Its headquarters are in European Istanbul. It has a professional team of educational consultants who have the necessary knowledge and experience in this field.

Thanks to the years of experience accumulated over many years of work, the study platform aims to provide all services related to foreign students in Turkey and seeks to keep pace with all student needs, and to provide study services in Turkey, and all other related services.


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