The equivalency of the Sharia Sciences certificate in Turkey

The equivalency of the Sharia Sciences certificate in Turkey

The equivalency of the Sharia Sciences certificate in Turkey

Is it possible to modify the certificate of Sharia sciences in Turkey? Learn about the conditions and required papers, along with other information you can find here about the stages of modifying the Sharia sciences certificate in Turkey.

Many foreign Sharia science degree holders residing in Turkey are keen to have their university degrees equalized by the Turkish Higher Education Council, with the aim of enabling them to practice their work and activities normally within the Turkish borders, especially since Turkish government agencies in general: such as schools, universities, and Turkish endowment institutions may require Equivalency to work as a teacher of Sharia sciences or other work related to graduates of Sharia colleges.


Is it possible to modify the certificate of Sharia sciences in Turkey?

Like other university graduates, graduates of Sharia colleges and Islamic sciences - with different names among countries - can submit the necessary papers to amend their certificates to the Turkish Higher Education Council to study them and issue a decision of approval or rejection of the amendment based on several criteria, including is the university issuing the certificate outside Turkey recognized in Turkey? Are the submitted papers complete?

Besides, the certificate modification in Turkey is available for university graduates whose study period is 4 years or more, and it is also available for all disciplines - including Sharia sciences -. It should be noted that the Higher Education Council in Ankara does not accept the amendment of the certificates of institutes whose study period is two years. Almost all university departments and branches have exams, both scientific and literary, to obtain equivalency for a university degree.

How to amend a Sharia science certificate in Turkey?

When talking about how to amend the certificate of Sharia sciences in Turkey, it is not much different from the amendment of the rest of the certificates, and we, at the Aldirasa platform, have indicated in previous articles that the Turkish higher education website has recently made it possible to apply electronically for the equivalency of university certificates issued from outside Turkey, where the person applying for the amendment can enter the higher education website, on the amendment page through the e-Devlet website

Then click on the link mentioned on the page to be automatically transferred to the amendment form, and the applicant for the amendment is required to have the personal code of the e-government program (e-edevlet), which is requested by the (PTT).

The electronic application contains fields to fill in the personal information of the applicant, such as the national number and the full name according to the university degree after translation, and certification (notification); In addition to the place and date of issuance of the university certificate, we show you the documents to be downloaded electronically, and in pdf format on the higher education website:

  • Graduation certificate with translation and attestation.
  • Transcription of the marks with their translation and attestation.
  • Copy of residence permit or passport.
  • The consent paper, in which the data is filled in, signed, and then uploaded to the website

The equivalency of the certificate of Sharia sciences in Turkey

It is noteworthy that the electronic amendment request is considered an initial request submitted to the Higher Education Council, where a date is chosen to attach the complete papers in person, or through a legal representative to the Higher Education Council headquarters in Ankara at the following address:

Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı - Denklik Müracaat Ofisi – Bilkent - Ankara

This is within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of sending the electronic request, otherwise, it will be neglected.

After submitting the amendment request, approximately eight months later, the decision of the Presidency of the Turkish Higher Education Council - or what is known short as yök - is issued for the direct amendment; whereas in the event of a lack of documents, or in the event that communication with the university from which the applicant graduated is not possible due to some circumstance such as war, for example; the applicant will then be directed to take a written or oral exam at one of the Turkish public universities in Ankara, and you can learn about these universities and how to prepare for their exam by contacting us on the Aldirasa platform.

Stages of modifying the Sharia science certificate in Turkey

The process of equivalence of university Sharia science certificates in Turkey goes through the same stages of certificate modification in Turkey with different specializations, and the process of modification takes place at the Turkish Higher Education Institution in Ankara, to ensure the validity of the university certificate from the origin country, where Higher Education communicates with the relevant university, verifying the validity of the certificate and the average recorded on the certificate. Then a decision is issued so that it can be equalized after it has been proven correct, after which the applicant undergoes a comprehensive examination in his specialization, according to which he is given the equivalency sheet called (denklik), and it is noteworthy that the examination for the amendment is held twice during the year in the capital, Ankara.

The following is a picture that mentions the stages of the equivalency process for higher degrees in Turkey:

the amendment of the certificate of Sharia sciences in Turkey

Necessary papers to amend the forensic science certificate in Turkey

As for the documents required for the equivalency of the Sharia sciences certificate in Turkey, they are as follows:

  • A copy of the passport or a copy of the Turkish residency of any kind (work permit, temporary protection, tourism).
  • A copy of the modified high school certificate, and we explained in a previous article how to equalize the high school certificate in Turkey.
  • The original graduation certificate, translated and amended by a notary public in Turkey
  • The original graduation certificate, translated and amended by the Turkish Notary Public
  • Transcript of the original grades, their translation, and modification from the Turkish Notary Public
  • A description of subjects, in which is written the details of the subjects or courses that have been studied at the university (if any).
  • The approval paper (consent) signed by the person concerned (pulled from the Higher Education website, and filled out manually).
  • The registration sheet is printed after filling out the registration form electronically (a print order appears in the form of a pdf file, and it is printed to accompany it with the papers).


  • If there are courses that were passed from outside the university he graduated from, the applicant to the equivalency must bring a transcript of these materials, translated and certified by a notary.
  • For students who graduated from other than their countries of origin, they are required to bring a copy of the passport pages that show the entry and exit stamps of the university country during the period in which he was studying, and it must be translated and certified by a notary public.
  • The Council of Higher Education (yök) decided to make facilities regarding the papers required for equivalency in front of university degree holders who obtained them from war and conflict areas, starting in September 2017, due to the difficulty of securing them from their countries, so people who do not have identification papers are required Complete, such as the original certificate or transcript, proof of at least one paper proving his university studies, along with filling out a written request for the countries of war.

Aldirasa platform services in the equivalency of the forensic science certificate in Turkey

The Aldirasa platform, which deals with university services for foreign students in Turkish universities, seeks to provide its best educational services to various groups wishing to modify the university degree in Turkey, where the platform’s specialized team takes all the necessary steps to modify the Sharia science certificate in Turkey.

The Aldirasa platform also provides you with all the advice and information related to the amendment process and the necessary supporting documents; we can also be assigned a special agency to carry out the entire transaction until the decision regarding the time and time of the exam is issued. This is in addition to providing the platform with adequate answers to important questions related to the post-modification phase.


For more information, you can contact us on the Aldirasa platform!

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