LGS exam and literary and scientific questions and differences between secondary schools in Turkey

LGS exam and literary and scientific questions and differences between secondary schools in Turkey

LGS exam and literary and scientific questions and differences between secondary schools in Turkey

Learn about LGS high school entrance exam in Turkey.

The LGS exam is an abbreviation for the following sentence: "High School Transition System", It means the secondary school transition exam in Arabic.



What is the LGS exam?

The LGS exam is a test held after the end of the preparatory stage, in preparation for the transition of students to secondary school, and the system was introduced in the 2017-2018 school year, and the number of students who entered this exam the first time reached more than one million students.

All students who have finished middle school can take this examination. It means that the student who passed the eighth grade is entitled to take this exam.

The LGS exam is organized by the ÖSYM examination institution, and the exam is held at certain times determined by the Turkish Ministry of Education each year.

The student's success in this exam allows him to apply for trade-offs in several secondary schools, including scientific schools, Anatolia public schools, vocational schools, and schools of imams and preachers.

LGS exam

Questions in the LGS exam

This year's LGS exam will be applied on June 7, 2021, and includes 90 automated questions from the eighth grade curriculum only.

1. LGS Literary Questions

The first session usually begins at 9:30 and ends at 10:45 p.m., and includes 50 questions of literary material consisting of:

  • 20 questions from Turkish.
  • 10 questions from the foreign language.
  • 10 questions from the date of the coup.
  • 10 questions from the subject of religious culture.

2. LGS Scientific Questions

The second session of the exam begins after a 45-minute break, at 11:30 and ends at 12:40, and contains 40 questions of scientific materials including:

  • 20 questions from mathematics.
  • 20 questions from science.

By clicking here, dear student, you can access forms of LGS exam questions in its scientific and literary departments, which were held in November 2019.

models for LGS exam questions

What is the difference between secondary schools?

1. Scientific School

The scientific school called Fen Lisesi in Turkey highlights interest in sports and scientific aspects, and the duration of study in these schools is 4 years, in addition to the preparatory year.

2. Anatolian Schools

In addition to the preparatory year preceding the four years, the Anatolian School in Turkey is known as Anadolu Lisesi and has 222 schools throughout Turkey.

Science, Turkish language, mathematics, social sciences, and foreign languages are taught in these schools, and receive approximately 34,530 students per academic year.

3. Vocational High School

The Vocational High School provides education to students in 450 vocational schools in all Turkish cities, receiving 19,170 students per year. To give them general information about different professions and the way they are practiced.

The duration of education in these schools is 4 years, and after graduation the student is entitled to enter one of the branches of the university associated with the specialization.

4. Imam Hatip High School

Each student who has successfully passed the middle school can register for the schools of imams and preachers. It is a study distributed in all Turkish states, and follows in its study the curricula of the Ministry of Education in science, mathematics and language, in addition to subjects of religion and ethics.


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