Is Turkey considered a safe environment for students and students?

Is Turkey considered a safe environment for students and students?

Is Turkey considered a safe environment for students and students?

In this article, we explain several points related to studying in Turkey and its advantages and focus on an important matter about Turkey, which is the security and safety of the student’s life and the nature of living, potential future changes, and more.

Follow us through this article, general perceptions of the educational consulting team in the Aldirasa platform about studying in Turkey, with a focus on points related to the issue of security, the environment, and the nature of life that relate to foreign students in Turkey.


Is Turkey considered a safe environment for study and for foreign students?

Turkey has witnessed remarkable political and social stability and great civilizational development during the past twenty years, and this coincided with a comprehensive development of all educational institutions, and a reform of the educational system that prevailed in the past, and this resulted in the introduction of many updates to the school and university education system, and the establishment of universities on the systems and the introduction of foreign languages ​​as a basic subject in teaching curricula.

In addition, the Turkish government wanted to attract foreign students to study at Turkish universities through the provision of the Turkish scholarship program, the signing of agreements, cooperation, and the exchange of students with European and international universities.

In view of the development and modernization factors followed in recent years, especially in the educational sectors, Turkey has formed a safe, problem-free environment, far from disturbances, ideal for receiving foreign students, so that many Turkish states have become known as student cities such as Eskişehir, Isparta and Izmir, due to a large number of the arrivals are foreign and international students.

International students also found complete comfort that guarantees perfect educational attainment, a privileged environment that allows them to excel academically in their classes, and a strong infrastructure that provides all the basic elements of education.

Moreover, the nature of life in Turkey, and the customs and traditions that they follow in their living systems, are very close to Arab customs, with their traditions, and methods of living.

The advantages of studying in Turkey are very many, such as the huge number of public and private Turkish universities, cheap tuition fees, various majors, the advanced classification of its universities, and the medical reputation of these universities.

Do some political tensions affect foreign students living in Turkey?

The occurrence of political tensions between the ruling and opposition parties in countries is a very natural matter, and this happens from time to time in many countries of the developed world, and these tensions remain confined to the parties or personalities that lead these parties, and can sometimes go beyond the institutions headed by political figures.

Therefore, it can be said that these political tensions cannot absolutely affect the living of foreign students and their studies in Turkish universities, nor do they affect public life in Turkey either, especially since Turkey, like other countries in the developed world, is a country that is strictly governed by law.

Does the electoral process affect foreign students in Turkey?

Although the electoral process receives wide echoes in Turkey, and is at the forefront of social media and media pages, the various stages of the electoral process in Turkey proceed according to certain controls, and are implemented on the basis of the stipulated laws.

The voting process usually takes place in all Turkish states on Sunday, which coincides with the weekly holiday for schools and universities in Turkey, where polling stations are distributed to schools throughout the Turkish states, while the general public and all sectors carry out their work normally, and therefore the electoral process does not affect foreign students in Turkey.

Studying in Turkey

Aldirasa platform tips for foreign students in Turkey for a happy and safe working life?

The educational advisors on the ِAldirasa platform provide the necessary tips to foreign students in Turkey to move towards an ideal and safe educational life that achieves the desired goals:

1. Non-interference in Turkish internal affairs

We advise foreign students to stay away from political tracks as much as possible, to distance themselves from speaking about the conditions the country is going through politically, not to interfere in Turkish internal affairs, and related decisions and new directives, to focus on university life, to attend cultural seminars, and to engage in writing articles and scientific research, follow-up lessons, and lectures, and going to the public library to read and learn general knowledge.

2. Not to deal with people in violation of the law

Focusing on choosing good companions is one of the very important matters in the educational life of students. It is necessary for foreign students in Turkey to know the people they deal with, whether in the university or the neighborhood in which they live, and not to deal with people who are in violation of law and order in general and to choose a companion who is specific him to pursue educational attainment.

3. Not to commit any violation of Turkish law

Caution, taking precautions, and not committing any violation of Turkish laws is one the things that must be paid attention to by all foreigners residing in Turkey, especially students who study in Turkish universities, so we advise all foreign students to familiarize themselves with the laws applied in the country, and to avoid all violations that stipulate It is under Turkish law.

4. Living in areas far from tensions and problems

Living near areas that witness some tensions and problems inevitably affects the social and educational life of foreign students in Turkey, so we advise all international students to choose appropriate housing in areas close to universities, and at the same time far from areas of tensions and problems that can occur from time to time

5. Create a relationship with the Turks on the basis of friendliness and respect

After choosing the appropriate address for housing within the quiet areas, foreign students should form close relationships with other individuals, establish close friendships, and weave relationships based on mutual respect with others in the community and the university.

How does the Aldirasa platform help secure everything a foreign student needs in Turkey?

The Aldirasa platform offers a range of integrated services for foreign students in Turkey, starting from receiving at the airport, reserving the appropriate university seat, providing the necessary support for registration, obtaining a university card, all the way to securing appropriate university housing in quiet surroundings close to the university site, and the end Issuance of student residence, services related to the translation of documents, and amendment of certificates at the institution of higher education in Ankara.

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