Important information about the study of medicine in Turkey

Important information about the study of medicine in Turkey

Important information about the study of medicine in Turkey

Study of medicine in Turkey, important information about universities, preparatory year, distribution of scientific plans over school years, university installments, and more details provided in this article.

We are supposed to provide the most important and up-to-date information regarding this subject and its branches, given the growing demand for medical studies in Turkey and the huge number of students' questions about everything related to this educational branch, including the number of years of study, university installments, and the preparatory year imposed by universities on their students.



What do you know about the preparatory year when studying medicine in Turkey?

It is usually agreed that students with a high school diploma should start studying in their chosen specialties, without having to study a preparatory year before university.

This is only applicable in the employment areas in Turkey, although students whose language will be an obstacle to their education must study a preparation year for the language before entering university.

Some Turkish institutions require students to register in medical school to take the TOMER test and obtain a high score.

دراسة الطب في تركيا

21 Turkish private and public universities require students to complete a preparation year in English unless they meet the required language level. Please see the table below:

Faculties of human medicine in public universities that require preparatory year study in language

Ataturk University  Faculty of  Medicine  (English)

Gazi University  Faculty of  Medicine

Gaziantep University  Faculty of  Medicine

Hacettepe University  Faculty of  Medicine

Inonu University  Faculty of  Medicine

Istanbul  Cerrahpasa University Faculty of  Medicine

Istanbul University  Faculty of  Medicine

Marmara University  Faculty of  Medicine

Mugla Sıtkı  Koçman  University  Faculty of  Medicine

19 May  University  Faculty of  Medicine

Yildirim Beyazit  University  Faculty of  Medicine

Karadeniz Technical University  Faculty of  Medicine

Faculties of human medicine in private universities that require preparatory year study in language

Acibadem Mehmet Ali  Aydınlar  University  Faculty of  Medicine

Altinbas University  Faculty of  Medicine

Bahçeşehir University  Faculty of  Medicine

Başkent University  Faculty of  Medicine

Medipol University  Faculty of  Medicine

Okan University  Faculty of  Medicine

İstinye University  Faculty of  Medicine

Izmir University of Economics  Faculty of  Medicine

Koç University  Faculty of  Medicine

Maltepe University  Faculty of  Medicine

TOBB University of Economics  and  Technology  Faculty of  Medicine

Yeditepe University  Faculty of  Medicine

How many years of medical studies in Turkey?

It is known that the duration of study of human medicine in Turkey is  6  years. These years are divided into two parts: 4 years of education, which is considered as a leave (bachelor's degree), and the remaining two years are considered as higher education (after university), i.e. the graduate of these colleges is considered to have a degree (Doctor of Human Medicine).

الطب البشري في تركيا

How are scientific plans distributed over years of medical studies in Turkey?

All students should study 6 years in medical specialties, with these six years divided into two parts: 4 years of lectures and theoretical lessons, in which the student learns basic medical sciences: (anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology...) and clinical sciences: (internal surgery...). Those years are equivalent to obtaining a bachelor's degree in college, and the last two years serve as practical lessons in which you receive practical education in the Faculty of Medicine. Once a student completes these six years, he will be able to acquire a medical degree from Turkish universities.

After these six years, students who graduate as general practitioners from certain medical colleges in Turkey have the chance to take the so-called "medical specialty test," which is held at health centers. Then, based on the scores he receives in this examination, he will be eligible to practice in one of two medical specialties: intern medicine or surgery.

دراسة الطب

Important advice for those who want to study medicine

Many students and parents are enticed to study a certain profession based on the outcomes without considering the difficulty and effort of the route. God created varied natures, and each human being must recognize his or her desires and abilities before settling on an academic career.

The student should also remember that during his university trip, he is planning his future with his own hands and that the good choice of the appropriate branch, in addition to recognizing the abilities and desires, and recognizing the need of the labor market in society to the competence chosen, are the ingredients for success in the university student's career and working life.

الطب البشري

Human medicine is one of the most significant and challenging professions to specialize in since it requires a good memory, a great capacity to acquire and retain information, and double effort. Those who chose this path must be completely aware of their decision and the hardships that await them.

The student must also recognize that he has selected a field that will bring him into contact with people, particularly the sick, and that he must prepare himself for the human career he has chosen.

In Conclusion:  We hope that in this article we have answered some important questions in your mind.

We are, in the study platform, ready to provide free advice for you to find the best study options in Turkish universities.


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