How to equivalence the English literature certificate in Turkiye?

How to equivalence the English literature certificate in Turkiye?

How to equivalence the English literature certificate in Turkiye?

How can a certificate of English literature be modified in Turkiye? What are the conditions for submission and the required documents? You can find more information on the stages of amending an English literature certificate in Turkiye.

All the details related to the equivalency of the English Literature Certificate in Turkiye, the required documents, and the stages you pass through the Aldirasa Platform.


Can the English Literature Certificate be modified in Turkiye?

Those who have graduated from the English Department of the Faculty of Arts in universities outside Turkiye can modify their university degree at the Turkish Higher Education Institution in Ankara, provided that the university at which they graduated is recognized in the educational system in Turkiye, and provides all the necessary documents to obtain a permanent modification.

This equivalency entitles its owner to work in their specialty, and the opportunity for the holder to work as one who holds a certificate issued by Turkish universities completely, and according to which a work permit is obtained for foreigners, as the amended certificate is requested if the applicant is a foreigner by any company, organization or government agency who wants to apply for work from outside Turkiye.

How is the English Literature Certificate in Turkiye modified?

For those wishing to amend the certificate of English literature in Turkiye, the required documents must be uploaded in PDF form on the website of the YÖK Higher Education Institution, or the papers can also be submitted through the government portal e-Devlet, after which an appointment will be set for the submission of the papers Handcrafted in Ankara.

It is worth noting that uploading the documents electronically to the higher education website is the first step in modifying the university degree, as you must go in person on the specified date to Ankara or submit an official power of attorney certified by a notary in order to deliver the documents manually.

English Literature Certificate Equivalency in Turkiye

The stages of amending the English literature certificate in Turkiye

We can talk about the stages of certificate modification in Turkiye through the following points:

  • Electronic submission of documents in the system.
  • An initial audit of submitted documents: through communication with universities abroad, and relevant institutions, in cooperation and coordination with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Documents are audited according to the approved legal principles: the content is audited (the number of credit hours/hours of education, the equivalent specialization, etc.), as well as the review of the scientific advisory committee in the concerned authorities in order for the papers to be academically audited, and the opinions of specialists from other universities in Turkiye can be sought when necessary, and when it is proven that there is a lack of submitted documents, the applicant is notified of the missing documents.
  • Evaluation procedures stage: at this stage, the report on the equivalence status prepared by the specialists after checking the documents is submitted to the Recognition and Equivalency Committee of the Higher Education Council, and here the prepared report and the application file are evaluated by the Recognition and Equivalency Committee, and the final opinion is submitted to the Executive Council of Education higher.
  • The final decision made by the Executive Council for Higher Education is one of three options: Acceptance - Reply - Admission to the revision exam.
  • In the last stage: the exam results are issued, and the equivalency certificate is prepared, which can be obtained by the student, by going to the headquarters of the Higher Education Institution in Ankara.

Documents required to amend the English Literature Certificate in Turkiye

In order to obtain the English literature equivalency in Turkiye, the following documents must be secured:

  • The cartoon certificate is translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public.
  • Transcript of marks, translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public.
  • Personal Photos.
  • Copies of the passport.
  • Copies of residence in Turkiye.
  • The satisfaction statement document is obtained from the official website of the Turkish Higher Education Institution.

English Literature Certificate Amendment in Turkiye

Aldirasa Platform services for the English Literature Certificate equivalency in Turkiye

The Aldirasa Platform provides integrated services in the field of modifying university degrees in Turkiye, as it has an expert team in the laws of the higher education institution in Turkiye, and is experienced in solving all modification-related procedures.

The Aldirasa Platform seeks when modifying the certificate in Turkiye to shorten the time and effort by providing an accurate translation of all identification documents and submitting them on time to speed up the modification process. For more information, please contact the advisory team on the Aldirasa Platform.


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