ALES Alice Test: Graduate Entrance Exam and Academics

ALES Alice Test: Graduate Entrance Exam and Academics

ALES Alice Test: Graduate Entrance Exam and Academics

Ales test is an exam organized by the ösym educational center to accept students wishing to graduate, and to accept academics who wish to teach at Turkish universities.

What is the ALES test? What does it include? What educational institutions are interested in its curriculum? How and when can the exam be done? These and other questions are frequently answered by many students in Turkey, and the answer to them and everything related to this exam, we will present to you in our article on the ALES test.

The word ALES comes in short.

Academic Staff and Graduate Education Entrance Exam

It means the postgraduate entrance exam and academics who wish to teach at Turkish universities.



What is the ALEStest?

The ALES test is a test organized by the ÖSYM Student Choice and Settlement Center, held 3 times per year, once in the first semester, twice in the second semester, and dates are determined by ÖSYM.

The Alice exam aims to measure the competencies and knowledge gained in some higher education programs, and is in Turkish according to the automation system (multi-choice), and will be test questions at the level of university graduates at the Higher Education Foundation (YÖK), and in various fields, the duration of this test is 180 minutes, and it should be noted that special institutes for teaching all the alice will be spread in all Turkish states, where the student learned new techniques and various methods to help the student pass this exam.

This test consists of two sections: 50 questions from the scientific section, and 50 questions from the literary section, questions related to the scientific section include basic mathematical processes, mono, bilateral and triangular equations, as well as measuring thinking and engineering skills, such as order, analysis, analysis and logicalinterpretation.

Questions relating to the literary section include extracting meanings from sections, complementing sentences according to meanings in the text, reaching out to the definitive judgments, finding a sentence that corrupts meaning, and titles that fit the meanings in thepassage.

The importance of ales testing

The importance of the ALES test is evident when the student applies for a postgraduate seat (master's or doctorate) in Turkish universities, then the university asks the student for a paper proving the result of the ALES test, and obtaining a score of at least 55%, which isthe degree of success in thistest.

For academics who have completed their master's studies, it is possible, after passing the Allis test, and obtaining a degree of at least 70%, to apply for a position as a teacher, faculty member or lecturer in Turkish universities, in addition to the fact that members of educational missions wishing to complete their studies outside the country are selected through the successful students of this exam.

Register on ales test

Those who want to register for a test should chosen Go to the nearest center to (ÖSYM)، And form a page on the site (ÖSYM) By providing Turkish identity to Turkish citizens, or passport to foreigners, and then paying approximately 5 liras for page formation fare, through which a test is tracked CHOSEN And submit it electronically through a page SSPC It sets you the test date, and you can access a page (ÖSYM) To questions from previous sessions.

Note: The exam fee is TL 120, paid through a bank account, and the certificate remains valid for 5 years from the time it is issued, and those who have obtained a bachelor's degree from outside Turkey can take the GMAT or GRE exam instead of the ALES test.