Fees and costs of studying medicine in Turkey

Fees and costs of studying medicine in Turkey

Fees and costs of studying medicine in Turkey

Learn about the fees and costs of studying medicine in Turkey, in public and private universities, with a detailed explanation of the best Turkish universities to study medicine.

Follow the details on the Aldirasa Platform. In this article, we highlight the advantages of studying medicine in Turkey, the best Turkish public and private universities for studying medicine and show the tuition fees that determine the prices of medicine specialization in Turkish universities through the Aldirasa Platform.


Advantages of studying medicine in Turkey

Studying medicine in Turkey is the ultimate goal that students seek to achieve in general, as it is the first major that students prefer after the end of secondary school, and they strive to obtain a university seat to achieve this ideal goal. The human aspects and the prestigious social status that doctors are distinguished by in general are among the most important advantages that are achieved through studying medicine in Turkish universities.

The fixed financial income and the higher job ranks achieved by medical students in Turkish universities after graduation are added to the number of advantages of studying medicine in Turkey. There are other advantages from the academic point of view related to obtaining a university graduation degree recognized in various countries of the world, in addition to the advanced ranking and high ranking of Turkish universities at the local and international levels. In addition, the ease of enrollment in Turkish universities, the relatively cheap costs of studying medicine in Turkey, and the use of the English language as a basic subject in university education are among the basic advantages of studying medicine in Turkey.

Fees of studying medicine in Turkey

Medical study fees in Turkish universities

Medical study fees in Turkish universities are shown in the following table, These fees were determined on 06-02-2023, and annual tuition fees vary each year and depend on the language of instruction, either Turkish or English. For more information, please contact Aldirasa Platform's team:


World University Ranking


Annual fees in dollars

Istinye University






Acibadem University




Ankara Medipol University





Altınbaş University




Atilim University




Bahçeşehir University






Başkent University





Beykent University





Biruni University





Haliç University




Istanbul Aydın University





Istanbul Medipol University





Üsküdar University




Medical study fees in Turkey compared to other countries

Turkish universities remain the best choice for international students to study medicine in all available majors and in the various faculties available. The fees for studying medicine in Turkey are very cheap compared to other universities in European countries and some universities in Arab countries.

The best universities in Turkey to study medicine

Medipol Ankara and Istanbul Universities are among the best private universities to study medicine in Turkey, given their strong infrastructure, including educational laboratories, research centers, and a chain of advanced hospitals, which use the best modern technologies of modern medical tools and devices in diagnosing patients, and have branches In many areas in the states of Ankara and Istanbul, which gives students the possibility of practical application and training at the hands of the most skilled doctors working in these hospitals.

According to the data issued by the URAP institution, which is concerned with the classification of universities at the local and global levels, the 10 best universities to study medicine in Turkey are as follows:

  1. Hacıtepe University
  2. Istanbul University
  3. Koç University
  4. Gazi University
  5. Ankara University
  6. Ege University
  7. Ataturk University
  8.  Marmara University
  9.  Cerrahpasa University, Istanbul
  10. Dokuz September University

costs of studying medicine in Turkey

Aldirasa Platform services for students wishing to study medicine in Turkey

The leading Aldirasa Platform for university admissions for international students in Turkey provides many services to students wishing to study medicine in Turkish universities, by guaranteeing them a university seat in the best private universities in Turkey, providing the necessary educational advice to students at the beginning of the road, as well as explaining in detail the documents required for registration, and accompanies them to the university to confirm the final registration and obtain the university card.

The Aldirasa Platform provides other services related to university housing near university places, issuing student residence permits from relevant institutions in Turkey, airport transfers, amending university certificates, assistance in registering for scholarships, and other services. For more information and details, please contact With the educational consulting team on the Aldirasa Platform.


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