Top scholarships to study Dentistry in Turkey

Top scholarships to study Dentistry in Turkey

Top scholarships to study Dentistry in Turkey

Information and details about the scholarship to study Dentistry in Turkey, such as the date of registration, the terms of the grant, the advantages that the student gets, and more through the Aldirasa Platform.

Learn all the information related to scholarships to study dentistry in Turkey, the date of registration, the conditions of the grant, the advantages that the student gets, and more through the Aldirasa Platform.

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Are there scholarships to study Dentistry in Turkey?

The Turkish government provides many Turkish scholarships for international students wishing to study in Turkey, and provides them through these scholarships with many advantages that can benefit from in academic and public life, and sets some conditions related to the academic rate and age to apply for these scholarships.

What are the most popular dental scholarships in Turkey?

Türkiye Bursları Turkish Scholarship Program is one of the most famous scholarship programs in Turkey for international students, which is offered by the General Presidency of Turks Abroad and related communities with official support from the Turkish government. It includes all university majors, including dentistry at the undergraduate level.

Turkish scholarships allow competing for more than 300 academic seats to study completely free of charge in various medical specialties in many public universities and open their doors for registration in January and February of each year.

One of the most prominent scholarship programs offered by the Turkish state to international students wishing to study medicine in Turkey is the Ibn Sina Health Sciences Program, and foreign students can apply for Turkish scholarships online by mail or through the embassies and consulates of the Republic of Turkey in various countries of the world.

To benefit from dental scholarships in Turkey, you can apply for the Ibn Sina Health Sciences Scholarship, which is a fully funded Turkish scholarship in all medical specialties (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Nursing, Anesthesiology, and Radiology, and other medical specialties), and the date for applying for this scholarship coincides with the date for Turkish scholarships in general, as the application begins in January and lasts for a full month.

Scholarships to study Dentistry in Turkey

What are the advantages of dental scholarships in Turkey?

Dentistry scholarships in Turkey of all kinds and the multiplicity of institutions that offer them provide international students with a variety of advantages, the most prominent of which are:

  • Entry visa
  • Flight tickets
  • Fully paid tuition fees
  • University housing
  • Student residence permit and benefit from health insurance and other benefits provided through it
  • Receive a monthly salary throughout the study period
  • Undergo free Turkish language courses

Universities that offer scholarships to study Dentistry in Turkey

Among the most prominent universities that offer scholarships to study Dentistry in Turkey:

  • Sabanci Private University in Istanbul

Sabanci University, which is one of the most prestigious private universities in Istanbul, offers two types of scholarships to students:

Full scholarship: It includes exemption from annual tuition fees in full + 2,500TL monthly cash payment for 9 months of each academic year + exemption from university housing fees in a double room, (almost a third of the housing fee is also paid for students who do not wish to reside in university housing).

Partial scholarship: includes a 50% exemption from tuition fees and university housing.

  • Bilkent University

Bilkent University is one of the most powerful private universities in Ankara. It includes 12,000 students, of whom 66% have scholarships provided by the university. This university offers the possibility of studying dentistry by obtaining a scholarship that includes full or partial exemption from The value of tuition fees and university housing and requires students to pass all years of study within the specified time.

A monthly stipend is allocated to students who receive a scholarship at Bilkent University at a value of 2,350 Turkish liras for 8 months of each academic year, and an amount of 3,050 TL is paid to students who do not prefer to stay in university housing.

  • Akdeniz University

Akdeniz University offers scholarships for students in medical majors, but the value of these scholarships is estimated according to the academic average at the secondary level, and the value of these scholarships ranges between 2,000 and 3,000 TL, with the possibility of free accommodation in university residences.

  • Abdullah Gül University of Medicine

These universities in Turkey offer undergraduate scholarships for those wishing to study dentistry and provide them with many advantages that are very similar to Turkish scholarships in terms of free tuition fees, airline visas, university housing, and so on.

scholarships to study Dentistry in Turkey

How to apply for a scholarship to study dentistry in Turkey?

You can contact the Aldirasa Platform team to obtain detailed information on how to register for Turkish scholarships that provide dental studies in Turkish universities completely free of charge or at reduced costs of up to 50% of the annual tuition fee.

Aldirasa Platform services regarding the study of Dentistry in Turkey

Thanks to the consulting team specialized in educational affairs and university enrollment, we in the Aldirasa Platform, can reserve a study seat for foreign students in the specialty of dentistry within the best Turkish universities, and we accompany students to universities for final confirmation and obtaining a university card, and we provide a package of other services such as finding appropriate housing university, issuance of student residence permits, modification of university certificates, and other services.


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