From "Your Educational Travel" to "Aldirasa Platform": A Journey of Science and Work

From "Your Educational Travel" to "Aldirasa Platform": A Journey of Science and Work

From "Your Educational Travel" to "Aldirasa Platform": A Journey of Science and Work

With over 7 years of experience in the field of educational services, the Aldirasa platform was launched in a new spirit, keeping pace with the needs of students and helping them achieve their goals properly.

"Aldirasa Platform" or “the study platform” was launched in Istanbul as a Turkish company specializing in the provision of educational and other services. It is based on a long-standing experience spanning 7 years within the "Ownership Group", where it began the journey under the name "Your Educational Travel", and today announces its second birth in a new spirit more independent and authentic as "Aldirasa platform".



About Aldirasa platform

Because we firmly believe in science and learning and because we look forward to a promising future in which younger generations play a leading role in the nation's renaissance at all levels...

For all this, we have moved from the umbrella of "Your Educational Travel" to our new "Aldirasa platform" to promote previous visions, open up new horizons, and embody greater successes on the ground.

Today, based on our cumulative experience and in keeping with the needs of our dear students, we launch "Aldirasa Platform" of The Owning Group to continue our programs and projects, working to support our students to the fullest extent by providing most student services and providing integrated study opportunities, considering the highest international quality standards.

Why study in Turkey?

Turkey annually hosts thousands of students to complete their education at its universities, according to special grants and benefits offered by the Turkish government that make studying in Turkey an unforgettable experience and an irreplaceable opportunity that young people aspire to acquire. Therefore,  Turkey has become one of the famous destinations for study due to the availability of a good number of Turkish universities with a world-renowned classification.

There are more than 200 Turkish universities, including 129 government universities, in addition to 72 private universities, and Turkish universities are distinguished from their counterparts in the rest of the region:

  • Covering the fields of university studies for all disciplines,
  • The competence of educational staff
  • Turkey's certificates are internationally recognized.
  • The government's clear approach is to increase spending on education, training, and scientific research.

Why choose the Aldirasa Platform?

Regarding our experience, we provide the best student services at all levels of study, including:

  • special opportunities and discounts for admission to private universities.
  • registration in private universities and follow-up until admission.
  • Advising on Turkish Grants.
  • Language courses and courses for university entrance exams
  • This is the most important information for Turkish private and international schools.

Through its website and social media, Aldirasa Platform also publishes a wide range of topics and recent news on the working environment and study in Turkey, as well as research and consulting services that support many professional and international students.

What do we have on Aldirasa platform?

We can address the specific interests related to the field of education. However, our mission does not end only by providing us with service; we keep up with the student throughout his educational career, through a cadre of experts and consultants in the field of education, until his success and graduation.

Services Pre-university study

To ensure that your children have a healthy educational development within some of the finest international and Arab schools recognized in Turkey and abroad, we offer you school options to suit your area of residence and the curriculum that you would like your children to study.

Educational courses

With a selection of able teachers and a wide choice of educational institutes, we help you develop your language and skill abilities and raise your academic level by ensuring recognized degrees and an excellent level of education.

Turkish scholarship

With a high acceptance rate of accepted students, we provide annual consultation on how to register and the papers required to apply for the Turkish grant.

Enroll in private universities

Through our contracts as official agents to register and obtain admissions to accredited universities, we guarantee you a seat at the university with discounts of up to 75% of the tuition.


We offer you the best student accommodation options suitable for your university's website with its prices and features.